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3 min readSep 5, 2023

Author: Grace Dolby
Release Date: 05/09/2023

In recent years, there has been a convergence of Security and Data Governance within organisations. This has been led by changing expectations of businesses, data obligations are growing and we are using more infrastructure platforms than ever before, meaning data rarely stays in one place to be monitored. When Data Governance and Protection departments were first established, tools to support these areas were in their infancy and so often tackled individual use cases across data security, governance, compliance and privacy — unfortunately this has led to some organisations being held back by the tooling they have implemented.

There are a number of myths that prevent organisations from modernising their data compliance and privacy tools and unifying them by leveraging a more current platform aligned with the requirements of today.

Myth 1: Exporting Data Assessments is near impossible and burdensome

Whilst incumbent tools have historically made this step difficult, Securiti have built automated tools that dramatically decrease the level of complexity and time it takes to migrate existing assessments whilst preserving their original content. There is no need to redo historical assessments as these too can be migrated automatically and in production scenarios Securiti have migrated over 2,000 assessments in two days.

Myth 2: Data Subject Requests take months to fulfil due to manual queries and analysis

Again, Securiti have developed modules to reduce DSR fulfilment to a matter of days, Securiti DSR Automation with inbuilt true robotic automation aims to reduce huge amounts of hidden costs associated. We can easily replicate your existing DSR process in Securiti and automate tasks against data stores on prem and in cloud. As Securiti does the heavy lifting of locating and collating all data required it reduces the time to complete a DSR from months to just a few days and provides a secure delivery mechanism.

Myth 3: There is little advantage to moving cookies consent and once built it is difficult to migrate

Consent migration again has been simplified by Securiti, cookie scanning is done directly from the Securiti system and their migration tools quickly and simply categorise existing cookies and initiators and upload them into the Securiti Platform. Leveraging Securiti’s Cookies and Universal Consent module you can build and deploy banners using out of the box content or can be created by your web team using CSS if preferred, and when the automated cookie scanning is completed it can take only a couple of weeks to be fully running in production. Taking privacy and consent one step further, Universal Consent can be achieved by mapping collection points for data, processes and purposes, this then allows you to map workflows or webhook API’S around it.


Alongside all of the automated tools that Securiti have developed to make migration easy and fast, there are also financial incentives available for those who have an incumbent platform and need assistance in removing it.

Securiti will buy out your existing contract up to 90 days, and also include their Privacy Center Notice Management module at no additional cost, allowing you to truly improve your data privacy, security and governance and make use of new features at no cost to you.

Somerford Associates and Securiti enable enterprises to safely harness the incredible power of data and the cloud by controlling the complex security, privacy and compliance risks. Together, we offer a Securiti Adoption Pack; an all-in-one rapid solution to give you quick and easy value from Securiti to modernise your Privacy.



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