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Security Challenges in Multi-Cloud Environments


In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing, the security game is changing. It’s not just about traditional threats anymore; the cloud introduces its own set of challenges.

Security in the Multi-Cloud Era

In the B2B realm, where companies are operating across various cloud environments simultaneously, traditional security solutions often fall short. Here’s why:

  • Not Cloud-Native: Many existing security tools were born in on-premises environments and have been retrofitted for the cloud. This “lift and shift” approach leaves vulnerabilities.
  • Cloud Compatibility: Some security solutions are optimised for specific cloud providers, like AWS. This doesn’t bode well for those who rely on a mix of cloud environments.
  • Adaptability: In the dynamic world of multi-cloud, having a machine learning engine that can keep up with evolving threats is crucial. Unfortunately, many solutions lack this feature.
  • Promise vs. Reality: Some tools claim to provide comprehensive threat detection but only deliver data collection and basic analysis, leaving organisations vulnerable.
  • Tool Overload: Each native cloud platform comes with a slew of security tools, making it challenging to select the right ones for a multi-cloud setup.

Difficulties and Challenges

All these challenges make it difficult to spot emerging threats across multiple clouds. Security teams end up doing a lot of manual work, leaving them overwhelmed.

Benefits of a Poly-Cloud Security Monitoring Solution

So, what’s the solution?

A poly-cloud security monitoring solution comes to the rescue, offering:

  • Comprehensive Visibility: This solution gathers data from various sources, including logs, networks, applications, and user behaviors. It helps detect attacks swiftly.
  • Complex Environment Support: It can handle data from different cloud deployments, helping identify regional and global attack campaigns.
  • Business Protection: A single security breach can wreak havoc on your business. A poly-cloud solution minimises the risk by automating tasks and offering timely alerts.
  • Audit-Ready: It helps in maintaining compliance while transitioning to hybrid and cloud architectures, saving both time and money.

The Future of Security in Multi-Cloud Environments

As businesses increasingly adopt hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, their security needs are evolving. Somerford Associates has been assisting organisations in navigating these complex environments.

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