What Can Confluent Do?


Author: Riley Martin
Release Date: 11/08/2023

Data is everywhere in everything we do. From the ones and zeros that interpreted the keyboard presses writing this blog, to the bank transfers wiring millions of pounds across the world every day.

In a data centric world, it is important that we have access to data exactly when we need it. Traditionally data has been held “at rest” in databases and tables that have to be searched with manual tools which slows down the process to a slow grind making accessing your data the bottle neck to your processing speeds when it should be the thing that makes the whole process go and go quickly. Confluent enables you to put that data in motion utilising data flows to harness real-time data, where it is needed, when it is produced.

At the heart of the solution lies Kafka, an open source platform that powers the aforementioned data flows and stream processing. Confluent acts as a layer on top of Kafka to handle all the busywork of maintaining the open source system to let you focus on using your data in the most efficient, real-time way as possible.

There is not just one use case for Confluent since almost any industry or business uses data in the modern day, almost any business can take advantage of Confluent Kafka to transform data from static to real-time flows. For some examples however, we’ll go over a few possibilities or use cases to provide some context

Fraud Detection

Every second matters when it comes to detecting fraud. Without utilising real-time data however, it can sometimes be much later after the event that it is picked up due to the data being sat in a database, not being utilised efficiently. By utilising Confluent, the data can be streamed, analysed, and utilised as soon as it comes into the system which can enable real-time alerts and corrective actions to take place immediately to keep you and your customers safe.


Using data in motion, many in the automotive industry can utilise real time data to enhance the creation of vehicles and the software in modern vehicles. Confluent is used to decouple systems but still allow these systems to communicate with each other, share data, and distribute information throughout the different systems. Confluent also allows for real time updates to GPS systems, updating routes or journey times in real time to accommodate for delays or unexpected road closures resulting in a different route than was expected.

Financial Services

Real time data is key in all things finance. From the transfer of a few quid between friends to pay for a takeaway to business putting through multi-million pound transactions, there are likely to be transactions happening almost 24/7 around the world. How many of these transactions are genuine? Does the account sending money have the money required before it is sent? Utilising real-time data can ensure that all transactions are as genuine as possible, and if not can be mixed with the aforementioned fraud detection processes.

These are by far not the only uses for Confluent, there are endless possibilities and limitless use cases for Confluent. As long as there is data involved, Confluent and Kafka can bring that data to life and revitalise your business into the 21st century and beyond.

If you are curious about what Confluent can do for you and your business, contact Somerford Associates for more information and a chat about where Confluent can take you.



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